The Top Things to Do Near Hatley Park National Historic site

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The Top Things to Do Near Hatley Park National Historic site

Located in Colwood, British Columbia, Hatley Park National Historic site is one of the most beautiful places in all of Greater Victoria. This is a site which has been classified as the Federal Heritage Building. From the year 1940s-50s the place was used for the Royal Roads Military College and a naval facility. Later in the year 1995, the estate was used for public Royal Roads University. The extensive grounds have some of the best formal gardens, trails. One can also see some of the best forests which include the Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar.

Hatley Castle and Gardens

In 1906, Lieutenant Governor, James Dunsmuir purchased the property and started the construction of the castle. They used the Tudor revival style, which was one of the most popular looks in the period. There were also many gardens that were created by Franklin Brett, who was one of the most well-known designers of that time. The castle became the landmark and was later occupied by the descendants of the Dunsmuir family. After the death of the Laura Dunsmuir the estate was sold to the Government of Canada. Today the park is all about the Royal Roads Military College which consisted of the band of 15 pipers and drummers.


Planned Royal Residence

Planned Royal Residence

During World War II, King George VI with wife and two daughters resided in Canada to the invasion of Britain. There are many families who have their options stated right in England. At the time the federal crown in council can purchase the Hatley Castle in the year 1940 for the use of the Kings Royal Residence. Later, when the government decided against them leaving the UK in the war, the family stayed in London.

Royal Roads Military College

Military College


Later, the Canadian Government Adapted the mansion as a naval training officer. This is named as the Royal Roads Body of water which forms the entrance to the Esquimalt Harbour. This military college was later closed in the year 1995 which was leased to the Province of British Columbia. The castle the same year was designated to the National Historic site of Canada. In the year 1995, The Royal Roads University was later opened to the public, degree-granting university. It leases the campus to get the department of National Defence. The university manages all the stewardships responsibilities that are related to the site. This includes things like site management, operation, and other historic preservations and restoration. This ground stands for educating the public about the site and the history of the natural resources that the place has to offer to the nation as well as the residents.

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