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  • Here you have it, the top 5 list of the most impressive water gardens in the world! Villa d’Este, Tivoli, Italy Topping the number one on our list is the picturesque Villa d’Este situated 30 km away from Rome. Villa d’Este owes its origins to...

  • Who ain’t in need of tips for good gardening? The amateur and expert alike may receive benefit from gardening tips when spring dawns upon them and time has come to weed, plant, and fertilize their own little paradise.  One of the biggest challenges is not...

  • Garden Design

    If you are considering changing the looks of your outdoor landscape, there are many great ways to make the most of garden lighting. You will need to think about the size of the yard, but when you do, you can change the direction and the amount of lighting to suit the size of the area. Garden lighting ideas Great garden design will always provide a good amount of privacy and the right amount of light. It is important to add these elements to a garden, as well as having those features that keep pests out.

    Garden Lighting

    Garden lighting ideas can be used on all sides of a home. If you have a walled or enclosed gazebo, you can use diffusers, spotlights, or motion sensors. These types of lighting can help define a section of your backyard. If you have a group of bushes, you can choose to put on lights in specific areas to make it easier for people to enjoy your yard. These can help you create a good atmosphere in the middle of the day, especially if they are mounted in a decorative area. Flowers and plants can be used to decorate your yard, as well as use them as a means of bringing more privacy. There are a number of different types of lights that can be used to accentuate certain plants and flowers. They can give the garden a more dramatic feel, which is great for someone who has a lot of trees and plants to display. Adding pendants to the lights of your garden is another idea for adding accentuation to your yard. This is great for flowering plants, but you can also place a lighting system around the outside of the fence for security. The look of this could be very romantic, depending on what you choose to put around it.

    Torches and lighting

    Tiki torches can be a great addition to a garden, as they can be hard to locate lamp posts. The only problem with this type of lighting is that it can be a bit tricky to adjust the level of brightness. It can be a little tricky for young children to operate these, so make sure you have someone with the appropriate experience on hand. Use a sconce to highlight areas in your yard, or use the lights to create mood lighting. Using lanterns can provide a great atmosphere, while lanterns can be used to illuminate the walkway to your home. The lighting you choose will depend on the size of your yard, the location, and how you intend to use the lighting. You will need to think about which areas of your garden will be most used, and which will not. Make sure you have adequate lighting around areas where there is a security feature. If you have a garage or a perimeter fence, lighting will allow people to enter without being seen by the homeowner. When you are ready to purchase lighting for your yard, take a look at the different options available. This will give you the best overall garden lighting solution. And if your ever in doubt, an electrician like Elektriker Bergen can always help find the best way to light your backyard.

  • Located in Colwood, British Columbia, Hatley Park National Historic site is one of the most beautiful places in all of Greater Victoria. This is a site which has been classified as the Federal Heritage Building. From the year 1940s-50s the place was used for the Royal Roads Military College and a naval facility. Later in the year 1995, the estate was used for public Royal Roads University. The extensive grounds have some of the best formal gardens, trails. One can also see some of the best forests which include the Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar.

    Hatley Castle and Gardens

    In 1906, Lieutenant Governor, James Dunsmuir purchased the property and started the construction of the castle. They used the Tudor revival style, which was one of the most popular looks in the period. There were also many gardens that were created by Franklin Brett, who was one of the most well-known designers of that time. The castle became the landmark and was later occupied by the descendants of the Dunsmuir family. After the death of the Laura Dunsmuir the estate was sold to the Government of Canada. Today the park is all about the Royal Roads Military College which consisted of the band of 15 pipers and drummers.  

    Planned Royal Residence

    Planned Royal Residence During World War II, King George VI with wife and two daughters resided in Canada to the invasion of Britain. There are many families who have their options stated right in England. At the time the federal crown in council can purchase the Hatley Castle in the year 1940 for the use of the Kings Royal Residence. Later, when the government decided against them leaving the UK in the war, the family stayed in London.

    Royal Roads Military College

    Military College   Later, the Canadian Government Adapted the mansion as a naval training officer. This is named as the Royal Roads Body of water which forms the entrance to the Esquimalt Harbour. This military college was later closed in the year 1995 which was leased to the Province of British Columbia. The castle the same year was designated to the National Historic site of Canada. In the year 1995, The Royal Roads University was later opened to the public, degree-granting university. It leases the campus to get the department of National Defence. The university manages all the stewardships responsibilities that are related to the site. This includes things like the site management, operation and other historic preservations and restoration. This ground stands for educating the public about the site and the history of the natural resources that the place has to offer to the nation as well as the residents.

  • Getting an outdoor wedding is one of the things that people might have dreamt of. But this is one of the best ways you can get the right budget sorted. One of the most budget-friendly ways is to get a good outdoor wedding is to organise a wedding in a public park. There are many ways that you can plan a wedding which can make sure that you have the right money to set aside for the decorations, etc. Here are some tips which will allow you to have the right tips which can help you get the perfect public park wedding.

    Do your research

    With a little bit of research, you can have an image of your wedding in the place. There might be many local hometown parks and other beautiful parks in other cities as well. you need to check for the open and closing hours, the weather and other concerts, events and performances and celebrations when your wedding will be held to make sure that there is nothing interfering with your wedding dates.

    Scout out wedding locations

    There are many public parks around, but finding the right one can make for the right experience. It is important that you understand the landscape they are looking for to make sure that you have the right location for your dream wedding. Also, you need to make sure that you have the right kind of experience and matches your expectation.

    Know the rules of the park

    Try to familiarise with the official rules and regulations of the public park, which is one of the best ways to get ensure that everyone is getting the right memo beforehand. You need to make a note of all the park rules, decorations, music, sound and photography. There are also many limitations when it comes to an understanding of the people that are permitted to attend your own wedding.

    Secure a permit

    Secure a permit   Now that you have a secure location, you need to get a legal permit form the park to make sure that you file for the space with the park department and authorities. You also need to pay attention to the permit time restriction and also the days it is valid. This permit generally has a lot of information which help you understand the restrictions that come with having a wedding in a public park.

    Having a backup plan

    This is a good idea as it allows you to be in a safe zone when the weather is not on your side. Try to consider a second park location which can offer the shelter to you and your guests. Try to make sure that you choose a nearby location to get the venue shifted. You can also look for alternatives locations where one can explore galleries and chapels.

  • Gardens are places which allows you to have the right calm when you need to move away from the bustle of city life. There are many gardens around the world which are known for its beauty and creativity. These gardens are changing the way people view a generic garden to be. Here are some of the most beautiful examples of gardens which can give you the best experience.

    Chateau de Versailles, Versailles, France

    This is a very famous garden which was designed by landscape artists Andre Le Notre which was laid out on the gardens of Paris in the year 17th century. The garden has a sun which wanted to magnify the glory of the palace at Versailles. This is a garden which is also a riddle which will lead you through many flower beds, a quiet corner and other classical statuary, ornamental lakes and the canal that king Louis which used to the gondola rides. Versailles, France

    Royal Botanic Garden at Kew, Kew, England

    This is a 132 hectare of landscaped ground with greenhouses which is a very popular feature of the gardens. There are many domes and botanical sciences that have kept the park in its elegant settings for more than 16 kilometres. There are also temperate houses, bonsai houses, palm houses and other climatic zones, etc.

    Powerscourt Gardens, Ireland

    Powerscourt Gardens The gardens which is at the grand Palladian Villa at Powersports of South Dublin. This is an 18th-century design which is 47 acres of formal walled grounds with shaded ponds. There are many grounds, waterfall, parks, gardens pavilions and other fine-lined arbours which was added during the Italian Renaissance. This garden has some of the most beautiful cascading terraces and a landscape which was designed to have a frame to look over the beauty of the Wicklow Mountains.

    Butchart Gardens, Vancouver Islands, British Columbia

    Butchart Gardens is one such example of a successful reclamation project. This is a place which had exhausted its value over a quarry. Later, the vision of Jennie Butchart wife of the Poland cement owner, she brought in some soil from the nearby farms and changed the place into something beautiful. He vision today is laid over 55 acres of land with more than 700 varieties of plants to bloom.

    Villa d’Este, Tivoli, Italy

    This is a Renaissance cardinal which was dedicated to making the life of the Tivoli much more bearable. This was an embellished garden with complex fountains. It is also listed as one of Italy's 31 major historical sites by UNESCO. This is one place which can easily bewitch anyone with the mossy fountains and some of the best architecture Italy has to offer.

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