Gardening for beginners

Gardening for beginners

Gardening for beginners

Who ain’t in need of tips for good gardening? The amateur and expert alike may receive benefit from gardening tips when spring dawns upon them and time has come to weed, plant, and fertilize their own little paradise. 

One of the biggest challenges is not having done it before, or not having had good experiences with it in the past. To help circumvent these challenges, here are some of our main tips for gardening for beginners. 

Tools you’ll need

The first thing you need when you want to upgrade your garden is to get a proper spade and a rake. If you also have good garden scissors, then you’re pretty well off already! Getting equipment that’s easy to use will make a big difference in the enjoyment you get from being out in the garden. 

A general rule you should follow when choosing equipment is to only get what know you’ll really need and will use a lot. If not, it can become like many of the other things we just buy and leave to gather dust – perhaps in the garden or some other random place. Better to prevent stuff from flowing over at the outset, but if it’s too late for that, you should find a place to store it away. 

Store unused equipment and furniture 

To give your garden more space and simplicity, you should store unused equipment and furniture. The first choice would be to store it in your garage or basement if you have one. If not, you usually have access to mini storage rooms in most countries. In the US, they have Mini Storage Depot, for example, and in Norway, Minilager. Storing away what you don’t use will declutter your garden, making it prettier to look at and lovelier to be in. 

Fertilize and clean your flowerbeds

When you have all the equipment you need, you should fertilize your lawn and ruffle the flowerbeds. You should also remove leaves, and cut weeds that are growing wildly. Doing these simple things will provide your lawn and garden with the conditions they need to flourish and, importantly, look good!

Start with plants that grow easily

If you don’t have a lot of experience gardening, it’s best to start off with something simple, something that doesn’t require expert gardening skills to pull off. Find a plant that grows easily, one that doesn’t require a lot of care, and that comes back year after year. The Australian website Hoselink has put up a nice list of easy-to-grow plants. 

And that’s how simple it is to tend well to your own garden! Start off with that, and if you’d like some more advanced tips on upgrading your garden, stay tuned for the articles we are posting about each month.

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